About School

Striki Primary School is a small school situated in rural area near a town Saldus.
The school is surrounded by woods, meadows, providing excellent conditions for nature education. The distance from the capital city is 120 km, which is an advantage for forming children’s wider cultural experience (learning excursions, theater performances, museums etc.)
The school is situated in a disadvantaged area, during Soviet times the land was used as a military polygon, and the people were forbidden to live there. Due to these circumstances the number of population is still very small, but the school attracts pupils from the town.
The school realizes basic education program with extended teaching in
 English. The pupils are also introduced with the basics of Religious Education.
We work with students of different learning abilities. Here are different club activities, for example, choir, Nature club, Crafts, Drama, Dancing, Art, available for the pupils in the afternoons.
We use the Montessory Pedagogy since 2013.